Custom Sun Shields for Enclosures or Retro-Fit Kits

Sun shield kits add an extra level of cooling protection from direct sun light on your enclosure. These shields can be added to any outdoor enclosures exterior surface that you require; top, sides, front (door) and back. The shields are typically fabricated from light gauge material, such as .060 aluminum and sit off the surface of the enclosure approximately 1". The shields reflect the sun's rays so they don’t come in direct contact with the surface of the cabinet. The efficiency of the sun shields can be increased by having them painted white. Sun shields can be installed as part of the enclosure when it's ordered - or can be added "in the field" with a retro-fit kit.

  • Top, sides, door, back.
  • After-market, field installed
Sun Shield Enclosures Enclosure Sun Shields

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