Enclosure Thermostats

When outdoor electrical enclosures are exposed to the elements and contain vital electrical equipment it is often required to maintain a certain internal operating temperatures. Enclosure thermostats are recommended when adding heaters, axial fans or enclosure A/C systems in order to maintain this temperature range without affecting the external NEMA rating of the enclosure. The enclosure thermostat allows these custom temperature controls to turn on and off automatically, as the temperature inside the enclosure fluctuates.

Commonly Paired Accessories

Power Supply - Power supply options include fuse blocks, power panels and power strips

Heaters - If your outdoor electrical enclosure remains exposed to the elements, heaters or heat strips can be installed to help maintain a constant interior temperature.

Axial Fans - Axial fans can provide necessary enclosure ventilation by cooling the interior with cool outside air and forcing hot air out simultaneously through louvered vents.

Air Conditioners - Air conditioning systems can be added to outdoor enclosures that are exposed to hot environments or direct sunlight.

Sun Shields - These custom-manufactured enclosure sun shields fit a wide variety of current Bison enclosure designs.

Vents & Air Filters - Adding air filtration to an enclosure provides an extra level of protection from dirt and dust.

Insulation - Enclosure insulation provides added levels of environmental control and efficiency. Bison offers conventional and low-e reflective enclosure insulation.

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