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The Evolution of Industrial Enclosures - Part II

If you read my last blog post, I was talking about the evolution of industrial enclosures – how they have become more application specific and the modern technology used to fabricate them.

Enclosure Environments

There are a wide range of environments in which enclosures can be installed and what we are “enclosing” may or may not need significant protection. It only makes sense that the enclosure industry would eventually design and fabricate enclosures to meet specific requirements. Environmental issues, such as heat, cold, corrosion, rain, wind blown dust and even explosive gases are being considered when specifying an enclosure. Housing a rugged, heavy duty electrical motor may not require the same type of protection as sophisticated and delicate electronics.

Established Standards

Standards have been established by industry related organizations, such as NEMA ratings (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) which established standard 60529, more commonly known as IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. These ratings or labels identify the durability of the enclosure and its ability to provide a specific level of protection for what’s being housed inside of it. Does the end user have to rely solely on the assurances of the enclosure manufacturer? Absolutely not. Third party independent certification companies, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Intertek, CSA and MET Laboratories provide testing and labeling services assuring that the enclosure manufacturers’ products meet respective standards. They also perform periodic on-site visits to the manufacturer, to insure that they are maintaining fabrication processes consistent with their certifications. Bison ProFab has a range of enclosure products that have been certified to a variety of NEMA ratings through UL.

Leading-edge Technology

As the classifications, ratings and performance requirements for enclosures has evolved, so have the methods of manufacturing. Leading-edge machine tools provide the accuracy and repeatability necessary to insure the consistency of quality products. In order to stay competitive, enclosure manufacturers like Bison ProFab must invest in modern manufacturing equipment that allow them to cut lead times and process orders faster without sacrificing quality. Hiring and retaining skilled employees and providing for on-going education is imperative to maintaining reliable manufacturing flow and consistent product quality.


Developing and implementing documented procedures and processes to insure products are built to the same high quality standards, time after time, is also important. Bison ProFab’s internal manufacturing processes have been audited and certified to ISO 9001 standards. We are committed to the on-going investment of resources in maintaining this certification as it reflects positively, and helps insure consistency in the quality of our products.