Oil and Gas Enclosures

NEMA 4X Outdoor Electrical Enclosures

Oil and Gas Enclosure

The applications challenge

Oil enclosures must endure harsh environments that would overwhelm a standard product, while competing in price and availability with the off-the-shelf alternative for NEMA enclosures.

The Bison ProFab solution

  • Product options customized for specific petrochemical industry needs
  • Unique features to improve tamper resistance
  • Enhancements to meet or exceed the NEMA 4x standard for offshore applications
  • A higher level of manufacturing quality, for greater long-term reliability insevere outdoor conditions
  • Stainless steel enclosures and aluminum enclosures available for corrosion-resistant oil & gas electrical enclosures

Gas Enclosure

Bison ProFab built its business in the heart of the Texas oil patch, whichmeans we know how to deliver the features oil and gas users need... and with the cost efficiency this competitive industry demands.

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