Bison Profab’s Weld capabilities

Bison Profab is a talented and proficient welding facility. Procedures include GTAW and GMAW in Stainless, Aluminum, and Carbon steel. With nine available weld Stations operating with certified welders as well as an OTC FA300-l Fusion Arc Robotic weld cell.

Bison Profab’s Weld Machine

The OTC weld cell is an articulated robot mated with a Welbee P400 Power source. This CNC robotic cell is capable of MIG welding Stainless steel, Carbon steel and Aluminum.

The Welbee inverter series offers the following strong points by utilizing an optimum waveform control according to the welding materials

  • An arc can be realized with minimized spatter generation, from a low current to a high current range
  • Excellent welding results can be realized even for surface treated materials including galvanized steel
  • The bead deposition rate can be increased and easily secure the desired bead width even at high speed welding
  • Easy high speed welding can be realized on thin stainless steel
  • Achieves beautiful bead appearance on aluminum by using the pulse waveform
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