Carbon Steel Enclosure

There are three typical configurations for carbon steel used in enclosure fabrication; hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized.

Applications for Carbon Steel Enclosures

Enclosures fabricated from either types of mild steel are acceptable for many indoor and outdoor environments, but they typically will not receive a corrosion resistance ("X") rating. However, the performance of these materials is greatly improved by applying a powder coated paint finish.

Installation options:

  • Free standing steel enclosures
  • Pad mount steel enclosures (open bottom with an internal flange)
  • Wall mount steel enclosures
  • Pole mount steel enclosures
  • Walk-in steel enclosures (with or without floors)

Bison ProFab can provide a wide variety of custom carbon steel NEMA enclosures, many with UL approval.  Although we have an extensive library of existing designs, we can also custom engineer and fabricate to your exact requirements.

Hot Rolled vs. Colled Rolled Carbon Steel

Electrical Enclosure made from Carbon Steel Hot rolled steel is first pickled to remove scale and oxides and then oiled to retard rust and reduce friction scratching during transit. It is considered suitable for stamping and moderate forming applications.

Cold rolled sheet is produced from low carbon steel, cold reduced to a specific thickness. This steel is produced to meet requirements for controlled surface texture, flatness limitations and close thickness or temper requirements. The pickling process and annealing are performed in an oxygen-free atmosphere to remove mill scale and prevent the formation of oxides. This allows the sheet to have a smooth, dense surface suitable for plating and/or painting. Cold rolled sheet is produced to meet various quality requirements such as ASTM A366 (commercial quality), intermediate tempers (1/4, 1/2, or full hard), ASTM A611 (structural quality) and others.

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