Enclosure Accessories

Bison ProFab can provide and install a wide variety of enclosure accessories and options. Whether it’s basic items such as back panels and shelves – or more exotic options like enclosure air conditioners, we can equip your enclosure with the features you require.  

Lifting Eyes
Viewing Window
Louvered Vents
Vented Overhang / Air Filtration
Axial / Exhaust Fan
LED Lighting
Risers / Wheels / Support Wheels
A/C Unit
A/C Unit
A/C Unit
Back Panels
Pad-Lockable 3 pt. Latch
Removable Gland Plate


As a premier custom enclosure manufacturer, we can offer you significant latitude in the design and configuration of your enclosure. The use and location of any option or accessory is limited only to manufacturing restraints. In addition to options and accessories, we can add holes, cut-outs or knock-outs wherever you might need them. Should your design require them, we can also install PEM hardware, such as threaded studs, PEM nuts and stand-offs.

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Temperature & Air ControlLighting & InteriorMounting & Exterior
» Thermostats » Power Supply » U-bolts
» Sun Shields » Enclosure Lights » Lifting Eyes
» Enclosure Breathers » Light Switches » Casters & Wheels
» Insulation » Viewing Windows » Vibration Control
» Heaters » EIA Racks » Back Plates/Sub-Panels
» Air Conditioners » Shelves
» Axial Fans » Slide-out Drawers
» Vents & Air Filters

If you require an option or feature not listed, please contact one of our enclosure specialists to discuss your needs.

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