Enclosure Heaters

UL approved

Bison ProFab can provide heat strips or full 120VAC heaters that are specifically designed to maintain the interior temperature of your indoor or outdoor electrical enclosure. Installing a heater or heat strip inside your enclosure would not affect the NEMA ratings of an electrical enclosure since the protection ratings are focused on the exterior protection of the enclosure.

Enclosure Heating Options

Heaters for Enclosures

Smaller, lower capacity heat strips (as illustrated) provide economical solutions for minimal requirements and can be controlled via separate thermostats. We can also install higher capacity, fan heaters providing 400 - 1500 watts of heating power. Fan heaters feature integrated, adjustable thermostats, with many available in either 120V or 230V configurations.

  • 120VAC
  • Heat strips (radiant) and forced air (fan)
  • Wide range of BTU size

Commonly Paired Accessories

Insulation - Enclosure insulation by Bison ProFab provides added levels of environmental control and efficiency. We offer conventional and low-e reflective enclosure insulation.

Thermostats - An enclosure thermostat allows your heaters or fans to turn on or off automatically. Bison ProFab recommends thermostats tor your enclosures.

Power Supply - Power supply options include fuse blocks, power panels and power strips

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