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Seamless Pour In-place Gaskets vs. Glued Strips

Because they safeguard sensitive content, industrial enclosures demand tight seals to prevent intrusion. Even the slightest bit of dust or moisture can cause significant damage to complex circuitry, resulting in costly repairs and prolonged downtime. To reduce this risk, it's important to properly install the right seals, especially in specific industrial environments which leave enclosures exposed to a broader spectrum of contaminants.

Seamless Gaskets

Even when a gasket appears to provide a flush seal, problems can escape the naked eye. For this reason, it's especially important to use gasket material specifically designed for enclosures. Still, even a superior-performing cut and glued gasket has the potential to separate along the seams, allowing outside contaminants to slip inside. For this reason, numerous companies rely on pour in-place gaskets, which provide a flawless seal by conforming to the enclosure for a seamless fit.

Polyurethane Pour-In Place Gasket System

Pour-in place gasket seals allow for a seamless seal that does not allow any outside containments to compromise your enclosure ratings.


Pour-in-place Gasket Benefits

Because they rely on precise technology to deliver a seamless seal, pour-in-place gaskets offer enhanced protection against intrusion. That said, they also provide other major advantages, including:

  • Accurate controlled tolerances and form-in-place (FIP) placement.
  • Pour in-place gasket material is efficiently dispensed into complex enclosures, saving both time and money by eliminating the painstaking task of hand assembling molded or precut gaskets.
  • Parts can be disassembled and reassembled without impacting gasket integrity.
  • Seamless, pour in-place gaskets adhere to steel, aluminum, painted surfaces, plated surfaces, plastics and other various substrates.
  • Superior assembly cost savings and shorter lead times when compared to die-cut or O-ring gasket installation.
  • Reliable sealing, particularly suited for three-dimensional complex sealing contours.
  • Diminished gasket component inventory.
  • Overhead application; no running / dripping
  • Height to width ratio 1 : 2 possible

Where Gaskets Matter Most

Because they offer superior benefits over traditional gaskets, seamless, pour in-place gaskets are advantageous for all enclosure applications. That said, they're especially useful for purged systems like those found in the oil and gas industry, waste/water treatment systems and any other industrial environments, where dangerous gases, vapors or liquids are not normally found in explosive levels but can accidentally exist. With that being said, seamless, pour in-place gaskets are used in plenty of other enclosure applications, including ventilation grilles, switch cabinets, fabric protectors, door modules, enclosure lighting, electronic boxes and in countless other situations where a flawless seal is of critical importance.