NEMA 13 Enclosures

Nema 13 enclosures are built to withstand indoor industrial applications that require the protection from dust, lint, splashing oil & non-corrosive liquids. Nema 13 electrical enclosures protect personnel from hazardous parts or electrical components, and likewise provides the same protection to these components from external objects and water wash-downs.

Equivalent Replacement for IP Standards

NEMA 13 enclosures can be an equivalent replacement for International Protection Ratings: IP54 & IP65

NEMA 13 Enclosures Finishes

Nema 13 Additional Accessories:

  • Steel, stainless steel or Aluminum NEMA 13 enclosure that meets or exceeds the high standards of NEMA 13, yet is priced at parity with the industry’s generic competitors.
  • The extra advantage of quick, affordable customization of NEMA 13 enclosurestailored to unique applications
    • Thermostats
    • Heaters
    • A/C units with NEMA 13 ratings
    • Viewing windows
    • Casters
    • Leveling feet
    • Fuse blocks
    • Power panels
    • Lights
    • Switches
    • NEMA 4X "wash-down" rated fan assemblies

Installers love Bison ProFab because our NEMA 13 enclosures fit the application without 11th-hour amendments. The time (and money) saved makes Bison ProFab the best value in the industry.

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