Enclosures for the Rail Industry

Bison ProFab is a leading provider of stock and custom electrical enclosures, traffic cabinets, and specialty enclosures for the rail industry. Depending upon your application-specific needs, Bison carries a variety of high-performance materials to safeguard electronics and instrumentation while enduring the elements and meeting regulatory standards.

Rail Enclosure & Cabinet Benefits

Outdoor rail enclosures for wayside controllers and electronic equipment are available in many configurations and are NEMA-rated for safety and quality. Additional product advantages include:

  • Safety & security. Bison ProFab intrusion-prevention features and alarms safeguard the integrity of your costly equipment and prevent transportation downtime.
  • Flexible installation. Bison ProFab designs and manufactures wall-mounted, pole-mounted, pad-mounted, freestanding, and walk-in enclosures for any railroad application.
  • Material selection. Bison ProFab rail enclosures and cabinets can be fabricated from aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel, depending upon your application environmental requirements. For your peace of mind, our design and manufacturing professionals can help you select the material that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Adaptability & scalability. A high-quality enclosure product should adapt to your changing needs. Bison ProFab enclosures and cabinets come with custom configuration options that give you the ability to meet current and future application requirements.

The Bison ProFab Value Proposition

Bison ProFab is a manufacturer of choice for superior-quality enclosures and cabinets. When designing and building railroad electrical enclosures, our team strives for excellence in both safety and quality. Rail clients that partner with the Bison ProFab team also benefit from:

  • A flexible, think-outside-the-box attitude
  • Expedited turnarounds to meet the most stringent timelines
  • Competitive pricing & proven product value
  • Accredited A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Strict standards compliance

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