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Industrial Weatherproof

Cooled & Heated Industrial Weatherproof Enclosures

There may be times when your application requires more than passive (convection cooling) or forced air flow (fans) to keep your electronics in their recommended temperature range.

When those situations arise, Bison ProFab manufactures cooled & heated industrial weatherproof enclosures designed to protect valuable equipment from damage caused by harsh temperatures, humidity and condensation. Electrical or electronic equipment should be kept at its optimal operating temperature to reduce maintenance costs, prevent major failures, and extend the life of the equipment. Climate controlled cabinets are a smart investment for your electrical or electronic equipment assets.

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Cooled (Air-Conditioned) Enclosures

Heat and humidity are two of the biggest threats to the life of your electrical or electronic equipment.

Bison ProFab can help combat heat and humidity damage to your equipment with the properly cooled enclosure for your application.  We work closely with enclosure air-conditioner manufacturers to make sure the cooling equipment is sized properly for your specific application.

We manufacture a variety of NEMA and IP rated enclosures that are cooled with strategic temperature and air conditioning systems.  This equipment ensures your valuable electronics are operating within optimal temperature ranges, without affecting the NEMA/IP rating of the enclosure or compromising the UL listing. 

Heated Enclosures

Electrical equipment operating in low temperature environments has its own unique challenges.  Some common risks to consider are condensation, ice formation, and equipment startup issues. 

Bison ProFab can help you mitigate these risks with the perfect heated enclosure or heated enclosure accessory that fits your application.

We manufacture NEMA/IP rated, heated enclosures with heat strips, full heaters, and insulation specifically designed to maintain the interior temperature of your enclosure without affecting its external UL listing.  

Cooling & Heating Enclosure Accessories

We also offer a variety of cooling and heating accessories that you can have installed on an existing enclosure.  Properly sizing these enclosure accessories is extremely important, and Bison ProFab can provide the technical support required to assist in this selection process.  Our cooling and heating enclosure accessories are listed below. 


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