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Amada Astro II 100NT Automated Press Brake

The Astro II 100NT series compliments our press brake range by fully automating the folding process. The Astro II 100NT series is the complete solution for precise component manipulation and forming. It has a payload of 20kg and can manipulate a sheet up to 1800 mm x 800 mm. It has been developed as a flexible solution for complex high speed forming.

Amada Astro II 100NT Automated Press Brake
  • HDS Press Brake for high accuracy from the servo driven hydraulic system
  • High speed dual robot system with separate robots for folding and load/ unload to reduce cycle times
  • Off line programming means robots don't require teaching
  • Tool navigation system for rapid machine setup
  • Multiple loading and unloading configurations for increased part flexibility
  • Available as a standalone system or an Astro Cell

Amada HFE M2 1303 Press Brake

Built on the solid foundation of the HFE series, Amada’s new HFE M2 press brake models include additional production-enhancing features and an innovative touch-screen AB PAD interface. Overall design improvements result in an eco-friendly series that provide maximum performance and ease of use. Equipped with an energy saving drive — the inverter on the HFE M2 series reflects Amada’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection. The new drive system uses a frequency inverter that controls the motor pump and ensures efficiency by operating only when necessary. The system continually monitors and self-regulates bending requirements — this translates to using 20% less energy, a significant reduction in maintenance requirements, less oil consumption, lower noise levels, and an increase in reliability.

Amada Astro II 100NT Automated Press Brake

The HFE M2 series includes a large open height, large throat depth, a narrow lower beam and a large distance between the side frames. This innovative series also offers several key benefits including improved user-friendly operation, energy-saving features and process range expansion. These, in turn, lead to greater efficiency and profitability. The HFE M2 series is also equipped with Amada’s patented instant reactive beam, which ensures constant parallel deflection of both the upper and lower beams — providing precise bend angle accuracy along the full length of the machine.

  • Interactive touch-screen
  • Automatic program creation from a 2D representation of the workpieces
  • Network ready
  • Large program, tool and materials libraries
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities
  • Software updates via USB or internet
  • Movable on three axes – adaptable to the requirements of the operator
  • 146-ton capacity
  • 123" maximum bend length
  • 18.5" open height
  • 7.87" stroke
  • ±.0004" ram repeatability

Amada RG-M2 5020 Press Brake

For more than 40 years, Amada’s RG Series of press brakes have been proven performers with 70,000 machines delivered worldwide. Combined with Amada’s advanced CNC and back gauge controls, the RG press brake series offers unparalleled performance and precision, enhanced by highly simplified setup.

Amada RG-M2 5020 Press Brake
  • Increased processing speed (1.3 times faster) and increased back gauge speed (3 times faster than previous models).
  • The RGM2’s state-of-the-art control provides precise bending control over bend angle, ram speed and back gauge positioning.
  • A newly developed front arm support system provides safe and easy handling for small and large parts.
  • A work support table that attaches to the front arms provides easy height adjustment, precise gauging and a convenient tool storage area.
  • 55-ton capacity
  • 82.09" maximum bend length
  • 59.84" distance between side plate
  • 14.57" open height
  • 3.97" stroke length
  • .43"/sec. bending speed
  • AMNC-IS control
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