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Amada LCG 3015 Laser

Custom Laser Cutting Services

The LCG 3015 is the latest addition to Amada's CO2 line of laser machines that offer custom laser cutting services. The LCG was developed after listening to the voice of our customers who wanted a low-cost laser machine to meet their budget, but refused to compromise on cut quality, machine accuracy, and overall expandability. Amada took these requests and achieved a machine that has a lower capital investment with a cutting edge resonator and an advanced motion system.

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LCG Laser Cutting System Standard Features

The LCG is a true flying optic laser system — the material remains stationary as the cutting head moves in all three axes (X, Y & Z) to process the sheet. This translates into faster overall production and more accurate parts at higher cutting speeds. Additionally, the LCG can be fully automated with a variety of material handling options, designed and built by Amada, or it can be equipped with a shuttle table system.

The LCG is built to adapt to the evolving production environment of manufacturers. The cutting head is propelled by a high-dynamic motion system that achieves the accelerations and rapid traverse speeds of some, more expensive linear drive motion systems. With an advanced 3.5kW CO2 Amada/Fanuc resonator, the LCG is a high-end, high-production laser system for the thin to mid-thick material market.

LCG Features:

  • Amada/Fanuc 3500i-C resonator specifically designed for the LCG laser, achieving the same cut quality as a higher-powered CO2 machine.
  • Includes an enclosure that surrounds the entire cutting area of the machine with access for part removal.
  • Utilizes a helical rack and pinion drive system for both the X and Y axis - allowing for higher acceleration and faster rapid traverse speeds compared to traditional rack and pinion systems.
  • Sectionalized dust collection system that opens only ducts directly beneath the cutting head for fume extraction, improving dust collection.
  • An MPL3015 manipulator installed allows for unmanned loading and unloading operations.
  • AMNC/PC control with touch-screen and intuitive graphics display that easily swivels for operator viewing.
  • High-speed cutting head with increased sensing speed, lens burn detection, auto-focus control and auto nozzle cleaning and head calibration.
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