Solar Battery Enclosures

Pole Mounted Solar Battery Enclosure

Heavy batteries demand a solar battery box with extra strength and durability. In order to protect solar batteries from weather and damage, Bison Profab manufactures custom NEMA 3R enclosures. Solar batteries require certain conditions to maintain their productivity and also require air flow control provided by louvered vents, not just for cooling the solar battery enclosure, but also for the release of potential gases that the solar battery gives off. Bison ProFab designs and manufacturers each solar battery enclosure to meet these and other crucial requirements at pricing that ensures the viability of alternative energy projects.

Manufacturing Custom Solar Battery Boxes

  • Each Solar Battery Box is manufactured to meet size and weight load requirements
  • Electrical enclosures that hold solar batteries can be designed as a pole mount or free standing installation
  • Different metals are used for electrical enclosures:
  • The most common NEMA rating for solar battery boxes is NEMA 3R
  • If required, your enclosure can be built with separate sealed compartments for batteries and electronics
  • The use of enclosure "breathers" allow gases released by the batteries to escape the enclosure
  • Custom Enclosure Fabrication can be used on enclosures that require multiple protection requirements (i.e. Enclosure that requires NEMA 4/4X protection for electrical components but also requires NEMA 3R for a Solar Battery)
  • Designs that incorporate additional levels of security for high vandalism situations

Bison Profab manufactures enclosures with these advantages, combined with quick turnaround and competitive pricing in order to help shorten the payback period of your alternative energy investment.

Trunk Solar Battery Box Solar Battery Enclosure Front View of Solar Battery Box

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