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International Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings

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Protection from Solid Objects

Explanation of 2nd Digit

Protection from Moisture

Weather Conditions Enclosure can Withstand

NEMA Ratings with Equivalent Protection

    Design Enclosure

    IP vs. NEMA Enclosure Ratings (IEC's standards)

    The IP rating system set forth by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) classifies the degree of protection that an electrical enclosure provides from solid objects and liquids in order to operate the enclosed electrical equipment. This rating system is most prevalently recognized in European countries and meets a number of British and European standards, including those established by the IEC.

    In the IP rating system, the first number identifies the degree of protection against solid objects and the second number identifies the degree of protection against liquids.

    Entering the IP (Ingress Protection) Rating that you are looking at replacing and the table below will provide you with a general description of its protection capabilities, as well as a NEMA enclosure that can meet the same protection capabilities.

    Bison Profab Manufactures NEMA Enclosures that meet the following IP Enclosure Ratings

    Bison Profab has provided a more comprehensive article on how IP ratings compare to NEMA ratings

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