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Why choose a custom enclosure? 

Custom NEMA Electrical Enclosures

Bison ProFab can fabricate a custom NEMA electrical enclosure to any size range, from a small 12" x 12" x 12" electrical enclosure to a Walk-in Enclosure. We also offer a wide range of functional accessories that add extra protection and functionality to your enclosures. We encourage that you contact our design department in order to get a full scope of the application or what custom functionality you may need for your equipment.

The picture (right) illustrates a stainless steel enclosure designed for an off-shore environment, that has two separate compartments:

  • The upper section of the enclosure is fully sealed and is rated NEMA 4X.
  • The bottom section required passive air flow and is vented, which gives that part of the enclosure a NEMA 3R rating.
Build A Custom Enclosure
Custom NEMA Enclosure

Choosing what Metal is used for Electrical Enclosures

Bison ProFab generally designs and fabricates enclosures to customer requirements. However, there are times when customers solicit our recommendations regarding material. Typically, outdoor industrial enclosures are manufactured from steelstainless steel or aluminum.

Many factors come into play when determining the best choice for the application; i.e. exposure to corrosive elements, weight, heat dissipation, ruggedness and/or security and cost, to name a few. Each material choice may have strengths in one or more of these areas.

Replacing an Enclosure based on IP Ratings

If you require an enclosure that meets IP Standards, Bison can suggest and specifically manufacture an equivalent enclosure based on NEMA ratings in order to replace it. If you have a question about customizing your own enclosure or converting your IP rated enclosure, contact one of our design experts for further assistance.

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