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Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Custom Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets

Users of custom electrical enclosure cabinets want a perfect fit for their application, yet cannot sacrifice the affordability of a standard mass-produced enclosure. Bison manufactures NEMA rated electrical enclosures with custom fabrication using high-quality materials such as 3000 and 5000 series aluminum, stainless steel, hot-rolled, cold rolled and galvanized steel.

Enclosures are used to protect electrical components in both indoor and outdoor applications. Bison will work with you and most third-party certification agencies to develop a custom electrical enclosure to meet any industry standards including UL Certifications & IEC Ingress Protection.

Build A Custom Enclosure

Electrical Enclosure Development 

  • Custom  electrical cabinets with virtually unlimited custom accessory options
  • Sizes from small junction electrical boxes to large walk-in buildings
  • Special features including windows, AC units, custom doors, insulation, lights, fans and more
  • Mounting options: wall, pole, pad and free standing
  • The expert guidance of in-house design experts
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Enclosures built to any size in height, width or depth
  • Consistent quality at all unit volumes, from one enclosure to hundreds

Bison works with you to produce custom electrical enclosures with a competitive price and rapid turnaround times. It is easy to see why Bison ProFab performance sets an industry standard for custom enclosure development.

Questions when Manufacturing Electrical Enclosures

  • Is it an indoor or outdoor application
  • Is there a specific NEMA rating requirement
  • How large does the enclosure need to be; height, width and depth
  • What will the environment be like; i.e. hot, cold, corrosive chemicals, salt air, etc.
  • Will there be any security or potential vandalism issues
  • Will the enclosure need to support a specific weight load
  • What material do you want used for fabricating the enclosure
  • How will the enclosure be installed; i.e. pole mount, free standing, wall mount, etc.
  • What type of protection will the equipment inside the enclosure require
  • Will the enclosure require ventilation; passive or forced
  • Will your electronics need to be air-conditioned or heated
  • Do you need access from more than one side
  • Do the doors need to be hinged on the right or the left

Bison also offers overstock electrical enclosures at discounted prices and are available for immediate shipment. 

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