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UL listed and NEMA rated

Axial Fans & Ventilation for Enclosures

Axial fans for enclosures can provide enhanced cooling for the interior of the cabinet, by forcing hot air out and simultaneously, pulling cooler, outside air into the cabinet. In order to install an axial fan into your enclosure, there would have to be louvered vents present or custom installed. The fans can be thermostatically controlled and can be installed in a variety of locations – depending on the configuration of your enclosure.

  • Available in 115V and 230V AC or 12V, 24V and 48V DC configurations
  • Wide range of CFM capacities to meet your air flow requirements
  • Fan filters, fan screens and fan finger guards
  • NEMA 4X fan assembly for “wash-down” environments
  • Rack mounts units available
  • Thermostats

Enclosure Ventilation

Ventilating, or providing air flow through your enclosure can be accomplished a couple of different ways. Passive ventilation requires only the addition of louvered openings properly located on your enclosure. Passive ventilation incorporates the theory of convection cooling in which heat is transferred by the natural, upward flow of hot air from the device being cooled. In our enclosure applications, the warmer air inside the enclosure escapes through louvered openings positioned towards the top of the enclosure. As this occurs, cooler outside air is naturally pulled in through louvered openings positioned on the lower area of the enclosure.

Moving higher volumes of air through your enclosure will require the use of forced ventilation. Forced ventilation for enclosures incorporates the use of fans. Fans are typically installed on the exhaust side of the enclosure ventilation system, forcing warm, internal air out of the enclosure. This creates a suction effect on the air intake side of the ventilation system, forcibly pulling outside air into the enclosure. Large volumes of air can be forced through your enclosure, with fans available in a wide range of CFM capacities and a variety of voltages.

Commonly Paired Accessories

Vents & Air Filters - Adding air filtration to an enclosure provides an extra level of protection from dirt and dust.

Power Supply - Power supply options include fuse blocks, power panels and power strips

Thermostats - An enclosure thermostat allows your heaters or fans to turn on or off automatically. Bison ProFab recommends thermostats tor your enclosures.

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