Enclosure Foam or Low-E Insulation

Conventional Insulation

Bison ProFab can insulate your enclosure to provide added levels of environmental control and efficiency. Outdoor electrical enclosures can benefit from conventional foam board insulation (typically 3/4" to 1" thick), or if you are low on internal space we also offer Low-E reflective enclosure insulation.

Low-E Insulation

Low-e insulation provides excellent thermal performance while conserving valuable interior space for your enclosure. At only 1/4" thick, Low-E insulation is manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with scrim reinforced double sided aluminum facings. Low-e provides an excellent vapor barrier and has a Class A, Class 1 fire rating.

Enclosure Foam Insulation Low-E Insulation for Electrical Enclosures

Commonly Paired Accessories

Heaters - If your outdoor electrical enclosure remains exposed to the elements, heaters or heat strips can be installed to help maintain a constant interior temperature.

Thermostats - An enclosure thermostat allows your heaters or fans to turn on or off automatically. Bison ProFab recommends thermostats tor your enclosures.

Sun Shields - These custom-manufactured enclosure sun shields fit a wide variety of current Bison enclosure designs.

Air Conditioners - Air conditioning systems can be added to outdoor enclosures that are exposed to hot environments or direct sunlight.

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