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Rack Mount Electrical Enclosures

Rack Mount Enclosure

The applications challenge

While rack mount enclosures offer excellent adaptability, their one-size-fits-all nature often means an imperfect match for a specific application. Price pressure has also eroded the quality of standard rack mount enclosures.

The Bison ProFab solution

  • Rack mount enclosures with a wide range of custom options
  • Designs that maximize access ease from both front and rear
  • Cost-effective add-ons including casters, doors with custom windows
  • The freedom to completely customize a rack mount application with the help of Bison ProFab enclosure design specialists
  • A single-minded dedication to manufacturing quality, aimed at setting a new pacefor the rack mount marketplace
  • Corrosion-resistant fabrication materials available for stainless steel enclosures and aluminum enclosures

The most popular rack mount adaptation of all is the competitive Bison ProFab price, coupled with a reliably quick turnaround time that makes us an attractive alternative to stock products.

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