Enclosure Design Services

The experienced engineers at Bison are no strangers to custom-designing enclosures, and this is why we are proud to offer our Design Services to our customers. We can open our design services to you at any stage of the process, performing cut-outs and knockouts and revamping older systems to suit modern technologies. Most often, our enclosure design services are rendered to customers in industries such as traffic control, oil and gas, waste water treatment, and food processing, among others.

Bison's design services are usually provided to customers who do not have the time to design the enclosures themselves, or those who do not have the resources required to create the best designs. When you consent to Bison's engineering team working on your design, you are entering a consistent relationship with a dedicated account manager who will see your project to the end with you. The process may resemble something like this:

Steps to Design Your Enclosure

  1. With your dedicated account manager, discuss your project's description / specifications
  2. Basic Enclosure Design
  3. Size: Height, width and depth. We should know minimum interior dimensions. Keep in mind you may need additional room for airflow, or room for accessing and servicing installed equipment.

    NEMA or IP rating: These are environmental ratings for your enclosure. Is your cabinet going to be installed indoors or outside? What type of weather will the enclosure be exposed to – and what effect will this have on the equipment inside your enclosure? Does the inside need to be completely protected from the outside environment – or do you need air flow through the enclosure for cooling. These details are extremely important to the suitability of your enclosure and the protection of your equipment. If you have questions and need technical assistance, the account managers at Bison ProFab can assist with your design.

    Installation: How is the enclosure going to be installed? Wall mount, pole mount, tower mount, free standing – these are all available options.

    Material: What type of material do you want us to use to fabricate the enclosure? Bison ProFab manufactures from aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel. If you’re not sure what your best alternative is, the experienced salespeople at Bison ProFab can provide you with knowledgeable suggestions and the reasons for their recommendations.

  4. What makes this a Custom Enclosure?
  5. There are many other details that may be considered in finalizing the design of your enclosure. Options, such as shelves and back panels, to the type of door latches you want will need to be addressed. Additional items, such as fans, heaters, thermostats, air conditioners, and lights may be required and the professionals at Bison ProFab can help with these options.

  6. The Quotation Process / CAD Drawing

After this, your account manager will be able to provide you with a detailed quote for the cost of engineering fees (if applicable) and the cost of the enclosure. If the quote is approved and once a purchase order is generated, the draftsman responsible for your project will generate a detailed submittal drawing. This drawing will be sent to the person responsible for approving the design. If there are any issues with the submittal, they can be addressed and corrected during this approval stage. Once the design has been approved we can create the complete production print package for the enclosure and provide you with a delivery schedule.

If you are in need of a custom enclosure, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We offer over two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial enclosures and we know you will appreciate working with our service-focused professionals. Contact Bison today about your custom enclosure.

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