Traffic Control Cabinets

Electrical Junction Box

Installing an electrical control enclosure or junction box takes on more than most would think. Municipal specifiers must balance the need for strict standards compliance with the mandate to conserve every available taxpayer dollar. Imagine this process taking place for every traffic control cabinet that needs to be installed. Bison custom manufactures control enclosures from small pole mounted enclosures to large walk-in/freestanding enclosures.

All of our cabinet configuration options can be customized to adapt to the strict state specifications via mounting options and material options depending on the different environmental factors that the control enclosure will subjected to. Bison traffic control cabinets can be custom manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel with optional fans, lights, thermostats, surge protectors and other built-in accessories.

Traffic Control Box Configurations

Flasher Cabinets

These weather resistant aluminum enclosures protect street flashing equipment such as: time clock, lightning arrestor, circuit breaker, toggle switch & optional NEMA flasher

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NEMA Traffic Enclosure Sizes

Bison Profab Offers: G, M, R, P, Super P, Super M, & R. This also includes surveillance cabinets, hub buildings w/ multiple mounting & door configurations

Type 170 (Caltrans) cabinets

Bison Profab can manufacture series of 33X cabinets that meet the high standards of the USA traffic industry. We offer the following Caltrans Traffic Cabinets (332, 334, 336A, 336S)

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ITS Monitoring & Control Cabinets

ITS cabinet configurations offer a variety of solutions to standard monitoring and control applications including ramp metering, HOV systems, dynamic Signs, CCTV security surveillance, railroad intersection control, etc.


If you are looking to upgrade your already existing traffic enclosure, battery back-up units or supplementary battery cabinets, are also available as stand-alone units or add-on cabinets. These additions will be covered by Bison's superior quality in manufacturing details, without exceeding the industry norm for price and delivery time.


When public safety is at stake, city, county and state professionals have learned to trust Bison ProFab for both performance and price.

NEMA Traffic Control Boxes Traffic Control Enclosure

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