Caltrans Traffic Cabinets

Caltrans Traffic Cabinet

We offer different sizes / configurations of the Caltrans traffic signal cabinets. Any of the Caltrans enclosures can be fabricated with either the original "pagoda" style roof, as illustrated on drawing 011298, or a conventional roof design, as illustrated on drawing 004037.

Cabinet OptionDescriptionHeightWidthDepthDownload Specs
Caltrans 332/334 This traffic control cabinet has double doors (front and back) and dual EIA racks. 66" high24" wide30" deep 013151 (Pad Mount)
008694 (Pole Mount)
003582 (Dual Cabinet Assembly)
Caltrans 336A The enclosure is available as either a double door (front and back) or single door cabinet and can have either dual or a single EIA rack. 36" high24" wide23" deep 008654
Caltrans 336S The enclosure has double doors (front and back) and dual EIA racks. 46" high24" wide23" deep 003446 (Pole Mounted)
011219 (Pad Mounted)

***All Options are normally sold in a NEMA 3R configuration (vented) but are also offer in NEMA 3, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X versions

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