Galvanized Electrical Enclosures

At Bison Profab, we take pride in helping you custom manufacture an electrical enclosure that can withstand your applications needs. Galvanized enclosures are a great solution for industries such as traffic control enclosures, petrochemical, solar battery cabinets, server cabinets, power generation and others.

Advantages Galvanized Enclosures Offer

Galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc after going through the hot or cold rolling process to a specific thickness or gauge. The zinc coating is applied electrolytically or by a hot dip process and is corrosion resistant allowing the metal to remain rust free for decades.

Galvanized steel's coating thickness and finishing process are critical factors when considering the practical application of galvanized enclosures. The effectiveness of the zinc coating is directly proportional to the coating thickness. For example, a G-90 coating will last about 1.5 times as long as a G-60 coating. So while galvanized steel is resistant to oxidation for many years, it will eventually rust. This should be considered when designing your enclosure.

Properly designed and manufactured galvanized steel enclosures can provide many inherent values to your NEMA enclosures:

  • Exceptional strength and rugged durability
  • Cost effective enclosure solutions
  • High level of corrosion resistance due to zinc coating

Fabricating enclosures from galvanized material or having your enclosure fabricated from carbon steel and then hot-dip galvanized, requires a number of design considerations. Please contact a Bison ProFab sales representative to discuss potential design issues.

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