Caltrans Traffic Cabinets

Caltrans Traffic Cabinet

We offer different sizes / configurations of the Caltrans traffic signal cabinets. Any of the Caltrans enclosures can be fabricated with either the original "pagoda" style roof, as illustrated on drawing 011298, or a conventional roof design, as illustrated on drawing 004037.

Cabinet OptionDescriptionHeightWidthDepthView Specs
Caltrans 303 This cabinet has the quality and performance of the larger control enclosures – but provides a smaller footprint. 36" high 20" wide 18" deep View Details »
Caltrans 330 This Enclosure is typically used for vehicle / pedestrian control at intersections. 51" high 25" wide 21" deep View Details »
Caltrans 332/334 This cabinet is an industry standard 170/2070 style cabinet that can handle all your communications or surveillance requirements. 66" high 24" wide 30" deep View Details »
Caltrans 333 This enclosure typically used as a communications HUB cabinet – ideal for areas anticipating growth and expansion. 54" high 44" wide 26" deep View Details »
Caltrans 336 This enclosure offers a highly adaptable design for housing your vehicle / pedestrian control equipment. 36" high 24" wide 23" deep View Details »
Caltrans 336S This enclosure offers the same compact footprint as the 336 cabinet, but it’s added height gives you space for additional control equipment. 46" high 24" wide 23" deep View Details »
Caltrans 340 The 340 enclosure is one of the largest ITS cabinets, providing space for all your control and surveillance equipment. 66" high 44.5" wide 26" deep View Details »

***All Options are normally sold in a NEMA 3R configuration (vented) but are also offer in NEMA 3, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X versions

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