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What Makes Bison Profab Unique? »

What makes Bison unique? Why should I choose Bison over the competition? And what makes them so special? I’m glad you asked. Bison Profab stands out among industrial enclosure manufactures for multiple reasons. First – our approach to manufacturing through automation. Our investment in robotics benefit our customers in two very important ways. The manufacturing… Read More »

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Bison Profab Upgrades Capabilities »

Here at Bison we manufacture a number of enclosure designs for industries such as Traffic control, Waste water treatment, Oil and gas, Solar and wind generation, electrical distribution, Utility, commercial, and even residential. If you can name it, we have designed and built an enclosure to fit the application. In the past few years, to… Read More »

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The Evolution of Industrial Enclosures – Part II »

If you read my last blog post, I was talking about the evolution of industrial enclosures – how they have become more application specific and the modern technology used to fabricate them. Enclosure Environments There are a wide range of environments in which enclosures can be installed and what we are “enclosing” may or may… Read More »

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Seamless Pour In-place Gaskets vs. Glued Strips »

Because they safeguard sensitive content, industrial enclosures demand tight seals to prevent intrusion. Even the slightest bit of dust or moisture can cause significant damage to complex circuitry, resulting in costly repairs and prolonged downtime. To reduce this risk, it’s important to properly install the right seals, especially in specific industrial environments which leave enclosures… Read More »

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MIG, TIG, and Heliarc Welding »

When we build an enclosure, we implement MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding processes–TIG on the outside of enclosures, and MIG on the inside of enclosures. We at Bison thought it would be helpful to provide some basic information on these methods of welding, so that you can be as informed of our processes as… Read More »

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IP Protection Ratings vs. NEMA Equivalency »

Contents IP Enclosure Capabilities NEMA Equivalency IP vs. NEMA: What’s the Difference? Which Is Better? Electronics play a critical role in a variety of industrial applications. In turn, they demand reliable enclosures that protect against damage related to foreign contaminants. By safeguarding complex circuitry from dust, moisture and accidental contact, enclosures prevent costly damage, while… Read More »

Our View on Diversification »

Most people around the country are aware of the challenges our domestic oil and gas industry has faced for the past 18 months. Few states have been affected as much as Texas. As a Texas based (small) manufacturer, our business has been – and continues to be – influenced by the downturn. The primary industries… Read More »